Mary's Story - "Thank G-d That Israel Exists"

Mary's Story - "Thank G-d That Israel Exists"

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Mary and her family serve as an example of the diversity found in Israel. Mary’s father was born in Israel, but is of Libyan heritage, and her mother was born in Morocco. Mary’s husband was born in Israel, and is the descendent of a Yemeni mother, and a Moroccan father. As a result, Mary’s children are 1/4 Yemen, 1/4 Libyan and 1/2 Moroccan.

Mary’s mother and her family were forced to leave Yemen due to growing anti-semitism and the riots that followed. Mary’s paternal grandparents fled Libya right before the Second World War. They were able to escape, even though the holocaust was moving toward Libya, and Nazis were setting up concentration camps there. 

Today, there are very few Jews left in Morocco, and none in Yemen or Libya. Mary’s family and her husband's family made it safely to Israel. However, prior to the reestablishment of Israel, many Jews who needed to flee their home country lost their lives in the process because they didn’t have a place of safety they could run to. As long as Israel exists Jewish people have a country where they will be protected.

Despite the hardships Mary’s family has endured, she does not want to hold a grudge. She understands the importance of letting go of the past, in order to build her future.