Hila's Story - We Were Taught to Love

Hila's Story - We Were Taught to Love

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Hila Oved-Brog was born in Israel, in 1982. Although Hila is Israeli, her heritage is Libyan on her father’s side, and German on her mother’s side.

Hila’s father, Joseph, was born in Tripoli, Libya, in 1944. After the Second World War was over there was still a great deal of violence going on. Joseph’s older brother experienced beatings on an almost daily basis, from local Arabs. The British were in charge at the time and although the government did not encourage violence, they did not attempt to hinder the brutality which many Jews were subjected to. Fearing for their lives, Joseph’s family fled Libya in 1950. Before the war, tens of thousands of Jews lived in Libya, they had thriving businesses, homes, and families. Today, due to hatred and violence against them, there are no jews left in Libya.

Hila’s mother, Orna, was born in Israel, in 1953. Orna’s father, Isaac, was born in Berlin, Germany. Isaac lived through the Holocaust, spending time in the infamous Auschwitz, before being liberated. Upon his release, in 1945, Isaac fled Germany and made his way to Israel.

In spite of all they have gone through, Hila’s family has chosen to triumph hatred with love and forgiveness. At present, Hila resides in the United States, with her husband, David Brog. Her parents, Joseph and Orna, as well as her grandfather, Isaac, still live in Israel.