David's Story - "All the Jews of the world are going through a type of family reunion"

David's Story - "All the Jews of the world are going through a type of family reunion"

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David Suissa was born in Berrechid, a small town just outside of Casablanca, Morocco. Although Jews of Morocco have an extensive history, they were forced to live as second class citizens, or “Dhimmi”, which means they are not granted the same basic human rights as Muslim citizens. In spite of being an ill-treated minority, David’s family remained deeply connected to the Moroccan culture. In the 1940’s, Morocco boasted a Jewish population of nearly 300,000. As of 2017, that number has fallen to under 2,500 Jewish residents living in the country. As things in Morocco became less stable, David’s family made the decision to leave their home country, and immigrated to Canada.

Eventually, David made the decision to move to the United States, where he became a consultant in branding and advertising. He went on to create his own marketing firm (Suissa Miller Advertising) and served as the company’s CEO. Suissa Miller Advertising was named “Agency of the Year” by USA Today. David has written on the subject of advertising, and his works have been circulated in various publications, such as Advertising Age and The Los Angeles Times. In 2006, David made the decision to sell his company. 

At present, David is the President of Tribe Media Corp, and Editor-in-chief of The Jewish Journal. He is also a contributing author, writing a weekly column about Jewish affairs. In 2015, David was granted an award by the American Jewish Press Association for “Editorial Excellence”. David has five children and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


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